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Dandeli Wildlife and Adventure Tour


Dandeli is the ideal vacation resort for nature lovers. It offers a good mix of nature, adventure and wildlife. It is growing as leading tourist destination for holidays in the Uttar Kannada District of south India. One more beauty of this wild forest is that, you can travel through beautiful wooded trails and appreciate the rich diversity of plant and animal life as the colours, scents and textures of this extraordinary landscape unfold before you. Life in nature is very uncertain. Dandeli tourism can provide you wide range of wildlife and adventure activities to enjoy. Yet for every year there are more than enough to come back and do the same thing all over again. Watching birds and animals in their natural habitats is an experience which you will never forget in your life. The city offers immense opportunities for wildlife tourism.


Dandeli forest (jungle) has its share of native birds along with the migratory birds. Several hundred species of birds can be spotted across this forest. Tourists from far and wide are attracted to the bird watching. Birds like hornbill, peacock are easily spotted here at early morning walk. The wildlife sanctuary comprises the region surrounded with moist deciduous and semi evergreen forests on the Western Ghats. Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is home for many of the species like mammals, reptiles, insects, birds and many more.


Stay at Wilderness Resorts in Dandeli


People plan a holiday here to experience nature at its best. Accommodation in dandeli can be easily booked through the internet booking. To make the stay more wonderful and memorable there are quite many luxurious and grand Dandeli resorts, which have been successful in bringing out the natural charm and beauty of jungle. Mostly the resorts in dandeli are situated at river side like Bison river resort, Hornbill river resort, Jungle lodges and resorts which are generally called as river view resorts. The modern style of interior designs make this a beautiful place to stay.

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Hornbill River Resort Dandeli Dandeli Jungle Resorts White Water Living Resort Dandeli
Hornbill River Resort Kali Wilderness Camp White Water Living Resort
Jungle Century Resort Dandeli Jungle Shikra Resort Dandeli
Century Resort Shikra Resort Dandeli Old Magazine Resort

The other resort is Old Magazine(OM Resort) and Century resort which is a lake view resort designed with modern style interiors. Dandeli jungle resorts of the premium category offer a fascinating stay in the midst of tropical forests and provide all modern comfort amenities to meet the multifarious needs of its guests.

Resorts in dandeli provide a delightful stay to the leisure traveler. If you are not interested in resort there are budgets hotels which are also called Jungle Homestays.
Dandeli hotels (Homestays) came in to existence for those who can’t offend a resorts price. Accommodation is no longer very expensive as more and more people are exploring this place. The budget alternatives are cropping up to serve all classes of people. Most people find it expensive to spend on luxury resort for a short trip. Dandeli hotels in the budget category include mid price and low price budget hotels and lodges. The mid price and low price hotels are situated in the heart of the town and in the heart of jungle as well.

  Dandeli Forest
  Dandeli Forest Dandeli Forest
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